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6016 Highway 21 in Rincon, Georgia

Massage Special Classes

A variety of barre and yoga classes inspired by vinyasa yoga as well as trainings and certifications.

Barre Teacher Tune Up

Come take two classes and then break down the movements to add to your own teaching. We will also break down the material in the winter choreography packet. Choreography packets include material for all sections of class, as well as 3 new class sequences.


11 am - 6 pm (lunch 1-2 pm)

5 playlists | Winter Choreography Packet

*Welcome to attend our January Barre+Yoga intensive that morning |  Open to all B+Y certified teachers as well as teachers with 6 months or more teaching experience.


$60; $40 for B+Y certified teachers

January 19, 2019



Lifelong Dreaming

   w/Kim Osborne

      Owner of Turning North

          Nutrition and Wellness

A 2 part workshop series on the importance of dreaming--regarldless of where you are in life! We deserve to have our dreams come to fruition--and Kim wants to help you make those hopes a reality!


Kim has scheduled this to help start your new year off right. You will put those thoughts on paper and learn ways to make your goals feel more accessible, and ways to work toward them without feeling overwhelmed.


January 13 and 27 | 3-5 PM

$45 | $25 for members


Special Classes are a great way to take your practice further! We try to plan workshops that tap into ALL areas of practice--not just the physical stuff!


December 21 is the longest day of the year--and the re-start of the solar calendar! It is has been long celebrated by ancient cultures as a time to regenerate and renew body and spirit.


This class will be very fluid--restorative in nature--with many poses low to the mat. It is going to be a grounding practice to honor the winter season and time of year.


We are serving blue moon (beer) and chili after class.

Lunar Flow

    Our December Social

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