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6016 Highway 21 in Rincon, Georgia

Massage Special Classes

A variety of barre and yoga classes inspired by vinyasa yoga as well as trainings and certifications.


Barre Teacher Tune Up

Come take two classes and then break down the movements to add to your own teaching. We will also break down the material in the winter choreography packet. Choreography packets include material for all sections of class, as well as 3 new class sequences.


11 am - 6 pm (lunch 1-2 pm)

5 playlists | Winter Choreography Packet

*Welcome to attend our January Barre+Yoga intensive that morning |  Open to all B+Y certified teachers as well as teachers with 6 months or more teaching experience.


$60; $40 for B+Y certified teachers

January 19, 2019



Special Classes are a great way to take your practice further! We try to plan workshops that tap into ALL areas of practice--not just the physical stuff!