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By thebarreandyogaroom, Jan 8 2019 06:50PM

B+Y is bringing back the blog--personal posts from our teachers, recipes we love, and tips to make your mind+body+spirit reach it's fullest cup of life!

Mary here--

Let me say that I have wanted to write for a long time.

My mom actually wanted me to be an English major in college...but of course I studied Music and Dance...and then business, and then finally psychology and nutrition...still no writing...yet I really do love it.

I've always attempted to work through some of my inner deep processes that really need to take flight and just leave this body that houses them...and I've been watching a lot of documentaries, reading, searching and studying for WHY I have this fear of letting things go that have always harbored such self desctruction whether it be not saying what's on my mind or keeping me closed off and afraid of accepting what's in front of me...

2019 is the year to approach that release. That surrender to finally do what I want and what I think I need because if anything, I have learned over this last year that no matter what I am feeling or witnessing and thinking that I am in a world alone or on an island by myself--there is always someone else with ten times the struggle or the exact same concerns, hopes, dreams, fears, confusions and wishes to just sort things the heck out.

This past year I really beat myself up. Gosh I wanted to do so much more and be so perfect and have everything appear just write and do just write and look the part...lot of running late, wanting to cry, completely shutting down and withdrawing happened--and that's honestly what kept me afloat.

I spent a few years feeling less than, constantly comparing myself, wish I was more, could give more, could be more....and this last year I learned that we're literally just living day to day and that's enough. I don't want MORE of anything...I just want today to make it until tomorrow.

So I used to only love practicing because I would sweat and just not think. Being pregnant during my first teacher training made me force myself to breathe, to look into more inner practices and to really have to face insecurities head on if I wanted to find what this 'teacher' was inside of me and where she fit. Lot of people thinking I wasn't their type, lot of people telling me it wasn't going to work, and then finally little silver linings shining through rainy days saying 'you're on the right track--just keep going'.

I've always been a people pleaser. Someone that wants to live up to what I offer, holds myself TOO accountable, wakes up early just to be sure I don't miss my alarm, etc....this year taught me that I kind of just have to go with it...

In one year we (my husband and I) lived through this:

A wedding

An extensive neck surgery with 2 month recovery

Changing job

Out of town Teacher training number 1

Jarrod switched jobs

I had our daughter

We opened another studio

Teacher Training Number 2 out of town (but much closer than the first)

and the list GOES ON. It was A LOT--not to mention my son having ADHD and us finally sorting through how to help him cope with change, and us trying to manage this whole thing called life...I had to let go of what little bit of type A I had in me and just truly say 'screw it; how can I manage to get as much done as possible and still sleep tonight'

So I started writing things down; making lists; listening to pod casts; and by 2019 I had a list of goals for this upcoming year--I want to offer more, to feel more, to say more and to BE MORE for myself, my studio, my teachers, my friends, and ultimately my husband and my children and all the wonderful people that make our lives possible.

I'm sure people think I'm just some crazy 'yoga girl' but honestly--it keeps me sane. I LOVE music and it makes me feel more connected to myself and my emotions than just about anything out there on this earth. It's this subtle way of saying 'here, let it go' and then you add practice to it and by the end of a class I'm approaching going back through the door with a clean slate ahead of me. I want B+Y to cultivate that in everyone that enters our door--give them the confidence to get a little weird, be a little vulnerable and move on. Our 'downfalls' make us different and make us human. I love variety and I'm welcoming change more and more these days. It used to scare me and make me feel incapable of adjustment--but now I say bring it on, what good can change cause in my life and for those around me.

So here's to 2019. May we all be bolder, 'wash our face', get out there, ask for help, not be afraid, try new things and become the people we've been pushing deep down for too long.


By thebarreandyogaroom, Aug 24 2018 10:34AM

I will be the first to tell you that I am always looking for more within myself. Why didn’t I get more done yesterday, why didn’t I wake up earlier, why didn’t I do more with my kids this week, why didn’t I work out harder, why didn’t I plan better…the mommy guilt is real—but hell, let’s talk about life guilt.

Our days are slammed full of carpool, work, kids, spouses, partners, friends, pets, grocery shopping, car and home maintenance, eating if we remember, driving a million places to get all of the above done, and then of course the other things we have to fit in like doctor and dental appointments, hair appointments (if you have the luxury in such busy times), and of course—your workout. Been there, don’t that, got the dang t-shirt. It’s unreal to think about how much we fit into our days, how much we physically manage—much less mentally, and still somehow wake up and do it again tomorrow.

If I have learned one thing about myself—I am best when I give myself ‘me time’. I need an hour each day to just sit and listen to music I like, or to sweat and feel like I am letting go of stress, or to just breathe. Sadly I don’t get this every day, but I feel it when I have become depleted: I am irritable, tired, and even almost sad. That time to get back to myself replenishes my resources, makes me feel I can put everything in its place and that I will make it through the chaotic days to come.

We need time to breathe, to form headspace and to have that little ‘high’ of hard work. It’s hard to explain but in the right place, after the right wording and movement—you get that and it is truly beautiful. I can’t wait to have it again because I have missed my little studio space on the island. It gave me consistency every day to keep taking care of myself. I won’t take it for granted again!

Come fill your own cup at The Barre+Yoga Room. I’ll be waiting for you!

By thebarreandyogaroom, Aug 15 2018 12:10AM

The crazy thing about life is it keeps going—regardless of what you have come up. It’s undoubtedly exhausting.

I have a mother than can multi-task like you wouldn’t believe. With 6 kids she somehow still ran her sewing business from home, had us all in different schools and activities, make dinner nearly every night, and volunteered for multiple things at once. While this sounds nuts—and it is—it definitely bred within me a bit of a multi-tasker, always needing to be doing something, busy body kind of persona.

Lately, though, I’m making myself do less. It’s so challenging. My husband used to ask me why I was smocking or editing things when we would lay in bed to watch a movie together at night. In my mind, if I can listen and casually glance up from time to time—I’m practically watching the movie, so why not go ahead and knock out something else I’ll just have to work on tomorrow if I don’t do it then. However, I finally one day realized that by working on something else, I wasn’t really spending time with him. I made myself think about choosing between the two and how if I waited to work on something until tomorrow would it really set me back that far? So now I snuggle up to him and attempt to watch the movie without keeping my mind on multiple things; sadly I usually fall asleep 5 minutes in—BUT, hopefully he knows I’m choosing to spend time with him and put other things away for the night.

Much like this is my time with my body. Right now I’m finally finding places for everything in my schedule—except a run or a daily practice or gym time. But, I am trying. I’m having to fit in smaller segments of things rather than a long practice I get lost in or a run that leaves me winded. It will all come with time—the important thing is that it is more about putting things away that do not serve me. Do I REALLY need to go buy something for dinner or can I make do with what’s in the fridge; do I REALLY need to run to town or can I make do until I have to go for something else; etc. Forcing myself to utilize my time and schedule so that I can fit in that workout or stretching or running has not been easy—but it’s making me value my trips to the grocery store, my running around the neighborhood, my putting the laundry away so I can workout in the garage a bit longer—seem so much sweeter when I put less ‘to dos’ into the day, and spend more time with myself. The less I force myself to do the less anxiety I have, the less worry I have about accomplishing things, and the more inner peach I find when I lay down at night.

Waking up each day is like a reset to me. In some ways it is like Groundhog Day; I make my husband coffee and breakfast every morning--but then I have to decide on how to begin the rest of the day. What comes first, what is most important? I'm hoping to start fitting in a 45 minute practice in the morning now that our baby is sleeping a bit longer in the mornings. While we all need to move, creating that daily practice is almost like finding a self fulfilling ritual for yourself. How do you start your day, what does it make you feel like, what do you need to gain from that time? Do this daily and it becomes a practice. A fellow yoga teacher and studio owner and I were chatting today about how when you put things into practice everything else falls into place—moving better, eating better, living better, BEING better…it becomes a lifestyle.

With fall kicking back into high gear, school in session and things hopefully cooling off soon, I can’t wait to enjoy heated classes, warm clothes and sweaty practices that detox my body and refresh my mind. I so need it. Getting off the post partum train is tough—I’m trying to keep things in moderation and remind myself how hard my body just worked for 9 months; I must be patient with her while she finds her new normal.

If you are looking to make a positive change in your life—start with how you start your day. Even writing down a positive thought, reading a daily scripture or prose, or moving through a simple stretching sequence can help you begin to look deeper, move more and search for what else you can find to personally and physically grow throughout your days.

Start with a movement, make it a practice, and it will become your lifestyle.

By thebarreandyogaroom, Aug 5 2018 05:43PM

Moving has always been a form of therapy for me; to the point of obsession if I was honest with myself. It’s easier to let go of anxiety, worry, doubts and fears when you are moving too quickly to process them. This spring I couldn’t keep up with things as quickly as I used to physically—so I had to focus on other elements of release: meditation, breathing, tuning out the world around me to mentally and even spiritually accept changes in my body and in my life. These are all things I have avoided for years—who wants to purposefully work through anything? I had taught myself to become GREAT at the art of avoidance.

Without the ability to sweat off stress, I found myself having no choice but to process a few things I’ve never let myself process before. I came to value stretching and breath work more than ever, and I came to love purposely moving with ease—that feeling of your breath moving you as if it was one with your body, and that intuitive feeling that your body seems to already know what kind of placement a posture should put it in. It’s beautiful to think that there’s a universal unknowingness amongst so many people in the world—‘what is yoga’--but all of our bodies still find similar shapes in space and can feel what it ‘should’ feel like.

I used to work out to be ‘small’—but I always achieved ‘athletic’ instead. It’s a daily choice for me now to remind myself that I am practicing to be good to myself and to be strong and healthy rather than ‘small’ these days. I’ve done the whole unhealthy obsession with calorie counting and getting in miles when really I should have been having that party cake and sleeping in. I’ve done crash diets and I’ve done starvation—and then I just got to where the more I worked to just enjoy spending time in this body the more I appreciated it. Not being able to do handstands and deep backbends for a few months made me acknowledge how strong my body allowed itself to become in the last two years, and it makes me so thankful to have the ability now to make it even stronger in the future.

I hate to say it but I think most of us go through this ‘how is this me’ phase. Especially after life impacting physical changes—like pregnancies, surgeries, injuries, etc. It’s like in an instant we don’t look like ourselves and we surely don’t feel like it, either. I will say after this pregnancy and my husband’s neck surgery this spring—I have learned to recognize compassion for those trying to ‘find themselves’ again after life changes. It is SO freakin’ hard!

I can’t say it often enough that moving and taking a little hiatus was so good for me this spring. I needed a little life reset to stay inspired with teaching and feel I could have a little creative freedom to tackle some things I have longed to do for a while now. I forced myself to take a step back from working so much for once—call it maternity leave, but letting myself read a bit, take walks in silence, and enjoy being home with nowhere to go was something I didn’t even know I had been needing. I’m lucky it found me. The next thing I have committed myself to doing this summer is to read Peach Friedman’s book, Diary Of An Exercise Addict. I’ve meant to read it since I took her class and met her in Auburn a few years ago. Her 90 minute vinyasa was the only yoga class I have ever taken that made me wish I could stay there all day long. I am hoping her book reminds me to take care of my mind and not consume myself with my body. While I want to get back to being physically in shape again—I want to do it safely, happily, and without obsession of the outcome.

With opening a new studio space in a new town, I am so hoping it brings an opportunity for others to find their own ‘reset’. I enjoy teaching because it’s like the classroom is bonding and encouraging one another without a need to speak; it’s powerful and inspiring. We are all going through life and the various hurdles thrown in our ways. It’s not necessary to share what they are with everyone we meet, but we should remember we can’t see what people are going through simply by them standing before us.

I hope that anyone looking to work on their bodies physically or how they see themselves will come give themselves a chance to move and breathe without distraction.

By thebarreandyogaroom, Jul 13 2018 12:00PM

As much as I have LOVED teaching in Savannah, when I started considering opening a small studio space to teach my own classes, I seriously considered moving further out a couple years ago to bring studio styled workouts to a community that has yet to experience them.

Two years later I meet my husband, move to Effingham with him, and he finds a space perfect for a studio.

Alright universe--I hear you.

I taught at the YMCA here for about 5 months until taking time off for maternity leave, and realized there is truly a need for a studio designated as a safe space to work hard and tone our bodies, as well as somewhere to step away from our busy lives, commutes, families, and homes to tune into ourselves. I hope to keep teaching once a week at the Y to keep growing community within Effingham--and I am so excited to get my new space up and running to give people more options for their movement needs!

I've confidently said to many of my friends that moving was truly a Godsend for me. While I need sand in my toes and I feel like parts of me are missing the Ocean more than I even know, I can honestly say that stepping away from things has made me really evaluate what I want in life, work, and personally for myself and my family. I've met some really amazing people and had time to enjoy quiet drives and collect thoughts that have run all over me for the last few years. I've finally had time to put things into their places--and now it's time to share them.

One of the people I have been so lucky to meet and share ideas with is Angel, the owner of Sacred Space Yogi studio in Statesboro. Where I emphasize the fitness and movement aspect of classes, she has the spirituality I'm needing to tap myself back into--and we both passionately believe in safety, alignment, and ethical teaching practices. I'm so excited to share space with her and teach fall teacher training in her studio, meet new people there, and enjoy the people she has brought yoga to. It is obvious she gives so much to them through her teaching, and I'm excited to soak up some of it myself! I'm wanting to bring more meditation, and spiritual awareness to my own studio.

I truly believe in taking your time to create your dreams, and it has taken me time to realize that rushing is pointless. Just like speeding--going 15+ over only saves you 10-15 minutes in the long run and really isn't worth the ticket. The space that my husband found has a lot of natural light, great floors and so much open space--but I want it to be perfect. I want to find the right words to share, the right colors, the right everything to make it exactly how it needs to be for it to work in so many different ways for different classes and needs. I also am in a totaly new town where I have to figure out what times work for people, what people are looking for and what they need, etc.

So we will have a few months of a 'soft opening' this fall, and be closing down for the last two weeks of the year. We will then have a grand re-opening for the new year to get 2019 started off so healthily and happily!!

I hope if anyone from Savannah is traveling out this way they'll stop in and see the new space and take a class if they can--and I hope everyone in Effingham starts looking out for class times!

Our bodies are designed to feel great and be enjoyed--let's enjoy feeling great, together!